Public Transport or Private transport? - Which is safer during the Corona pandemic?

Public Transport or Private transport

The whole world is currently dealing with the ongoing pandemic Corona (Covid-19 2019). March 22nd -the day lockdown was announced public transport has been off the roads.

Coronavirus is transmitted from human to human. This situation is alarming to everyone as this disease is contagious. Due to this fact, there is a prominence of social distancing and resisting travel, especially via public transport.

Considering the fact, a number of people use the public transport system like buses, trains or flights. Transport advisory of India recommends avoiding such crowded places.

Despite following all preventive measures, a person may be subjected to a risk of such dangerous disease. There is always a possibility of catching this virus as people around you may be infected. Also, ventilation systems are not up to the mark which may increase the risk of catching the virus to individuals of all the age groups.


COVID-19 has impacted the public transport system to a great extent.

The Safest mode of transport

Though private transport is much more expensive than using public transport, it is certainly the best way to distance ourselves from the Corona outbreak. Riding your bike, driving your vehicle, walking is some of the safest modes of transportation during this pandemic scenario. Driving your own car or vehicle will definitely be a secluded or confined way of transport.

Private transport will be best during this pandemic:

Life across the world has come to a standstill due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Many older people and children prefer to stay at home and have quarantined themselves. Now using public transport will certainly increase the risk of exposure to deadly viruses.

As we know public transport is more vulnerable to contagious disease and there is a higher risk of transmission of the virus due to close physical contact.

Also, it is much easier to disinfect your own vehicle than relying on public transport which is frequently touched in mass transit and is not sanitized in that required sufficient manner.

Also, people who do not possess their own vehicles can go for rental cars or buy second-hand cars or bikes in order to avoid crowded places like bus stations, railway stations etc. Cars which are self-driven will also become the second choice of people willing to have their private transport.

Tips to take care while travelling during coronavirus outbreak

Many leading airlines and cruises have cancelled their routes due to emergency lockdown announced all over the world. Transport advisories have come up with strict rules and guidelines for people travelling across the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) have recommended a few tips for travelling during this ongoing pandemic situation.

1)Frequent hand wash and maintaining hand hygiene is advisable by the WHO to stay away from catching viruses. Also, mouth, nose and eyes should not be touched and be covered while coughing and sneezing.

2) Avoid meat consumption to stay safer.

3) Wearing face protection masks has become mandatory by all countries to minimize the risk of virus.

4) Maintain social distance from people surrounding us. Additionally, keeping a safe distance from people having any symptom of respiratory issues like cough, cold, sore throat etc.

5) Food safety and hygiene should be followed by every individual, not just travellers, to avoid virus transmission.

6) Must carry items carrying hand rub sanitizer, alcohol-based wipes, hand gloves and face masks have become a very essential practice to follow during such pandemic scenarios. Also, bottled water is more preferable than in any other form.

Hence, avoiding crowded areas, keeping personal hygiene and food hygiene will be of great contribution to saving other lives and saving our life from being exposed to viruses. Stay home as much as possible and follow guidelines. Do not travel until it is very important. Stay home and stay safe.

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