Maruti Nexa Thane

Autovista Nexa Outlet In Thane!

Are you itching to get in line to book the new Maruti Suzuki Baleno? Or the S-Cross? If so, you'll have to head to your nearest Autovista NEXA showroom. NEXA is Maruti Suzuki's brand new retail flagship, created to bring Maruti Suzuki premium car brands to the market. The first NEXA showroom was opened in August 2015; since then, more than 10,000 premium Maruti Suzuki vehicles have rolled out of NEXA showrooms. Maruti Suzuki plans on launching nearly 100 NEXA showrooms within the coming year. What's more, these select premium cars will be serviced only by NEXA service stations.

Autovista Your Favourite Maruti Suzuki Retail Enterprise Now Present In Nexa Thane !

Yes, you heard us right. Autovista, your friendly neighborhood authorized Maruti Suzuki dealer has obtained the go-ahead from Maruti & has opened a NEXA outlet in Thane. Needless to say, Maruti Suzuki doesn't go around handing out such a privilege to any old dealer. Autovista is a top authorized Maruti Suzuki dealer, and has sold thousands of Maruti vehicles over several days.We're part of the world-renowned, international, long-standing Group. We operate primarily within the Mumbai & Navi Mumbai areas. We offer you much more than just Maruti dealership, as follows:

  • Autovista is also an authorized Maruti Suzuki driving school
  • Autovista provides loan facilities for buying new and used cars. We have tie-ups with a large number of top banks and financial institutions for this purpose.
  • We also offer comprehensive car loan insurance from providers such as Royal Sundaram, ICICI Lombard and several others.
  • We sell 100% genuine Maruti Suzuki accessories
  • We're ISO-certified and have a 750+ strong eminently trained and experienced team.

Why We're So Excited About Nexa!

NEXA is Maruti Suzuki's strategy to sink its teeth well and truly into premium car segment, and we're all for it. After all, makers of luxury cars like Mercedes and BMW are planning to introduce entry-level models in India soon. If that weren't enough, Renault and other multinational car makers are also trying to tap into the small car market.

Maruti Suzuki plans to sell two million cars a year by 2020. Going by this strategy, nearly 10% of Maruti Suzuki's sales will come from its brand new NEXA outlets. Within the next five years, Maruti Suzuki intends to release 15 new premium car brands through the NEXA portals.

The Nexa Experience!

Enter our NEXA showroom in Thane and you'll understand what state-of-the-art shopping is all about. Check this out!

  • Check out videos of various models on iPads in the showroom
  • Enjoy 360 degree views of the cars on surrounding mirroring screens
  • Play around with interactive wall-mounted car configurators, and choose your combination of features and accessories
  • Enjoy a seamless shopping experience on your own personal owner's app
  • Enjoy personal attention from the relationship manager, while relaxing in a 5-star ambience