Maruti Suzuki Arena Kharghar

Maruti Suzuki Arena Kharghar North

Maruti Suzuki India Limited has announced a transformation and new showrooms are now named as ‘Maruti Suzuki Arena’. It is dealing with Nexa dealer and in combination introduced different cars in a line. This is launched with an aim to enhance the car-buying experience. Now, the customers have a wider choice in form of Baleno Ignis, Ciaz and S-Cross.

Maruti Suzuki is offering environment-friendly, comfort, and warm hospitality. Previously, both Nexa and Maruti Suzuki provide 2.0 used car showrooms. But now, they think of revamping the regular dealer network.

It is estimated that the Arena network offers customers a great experience of buying their car. All these showrooms have modern interiors and the staff is also friendly and sophisticated to help the clients. They help you in selecting a correct car model. Maruti has a clear target of setting up more than 80 Maruti Suzuki Arena showrooms and somehow they are succeeded in that.

Features of Maruti Suzuki Arena Showrooms

There are various Maruti Suzuki Arena Showrooms Features that are making them world-class showrooms
  • Personalization zone
  • Valet parking facility
  • Interactive product vision touch screens
  • Active experience terrace
  • Vibrant interior designing
  • Trendy infrastructure
  • Owners lounge

Detailing of Maruti Suzuki Arena Showrooms

We all have the habit of searching internet before buying anything. Whether it is finding any information or planning to buy a new car, nothing is possible without searching on the internet. With new Arena showrooms, you can buy a car by registering yourselves on the website and start your research to get the detailed information. This happens by entering a mobile number on the navigation portal.

With the help of this portal, the clients can easily go through the number of cars available in showrooms and get the product portfolio by interactive product vision touch-screens. Not only this, they can explore electronically personalize their cars using different accessories fitting on the car they select. The best thing about the showroom is that it comprises a dynamic façade along with a trendy blue signature design element.

Moreover, the managers over there are equipped with tablets or an app. When you will visit the showroom they will assist you with them and list up the wide range of Suzuki cars and different variants. This helps the clients to compare different products and filter their search. Also, using the tablets or app, the relationship manager can easily answer the query of customers.

The introduction of Maruti Suzuki arena showrooms is to completely make over the network and make a good relationship with the customers by meeting their expectations. This is a way of increasing the transparency and offers the clients with greater deals. The digitalization has surely brought a change to deal with the customers. The overall experience definitely makes the customers happy and makes them buy the car of their dream.

The transformation is a result of years of research, customer feedback and future trends along with modern techniques. Maruti Suzuki says that with a sheer dedication, they are aiming towards enhancing the car buying experience as per the global benchmarks. Watch Maruti Suzuki Arena Showrooms Images to get a better idea.