5 Useful Tips For Buying a Used Cars

tips for buying used cars

It’s all very well to buy a brand new car – all you have to do is to approach a reputed dealer. Not much can go wrong with that. Buying a used car, though, requires much more consideration. You need to know what to look for and what pitfalls to avoid. Where do you begin? We’ll tell you. Buy a used car from us today!

The 5-Step Plan To Buying A Used Car! Keep these 5 steps in mind while buying a used car and you’ll have a car you can enjoy for a long time.

1. Evaluate the car personally:

It’s best to look for a used car in your neighbourhood or nearby so you can check it out personally. Be sure to take a mechanic or an experienced driver with you – someone who’ll be able to spot technicalities that might evade you. Even if a close friend recommends a used car, don’t buy it without evaluating it personally. Every car comes with basic car tools and a spare tire. Check that the used car has a good spare tire and all the tools. If these things are not present, be prepared to negotiate the price accordingly. Take notes on vehicle’s condition and make a list of everything that comes with the car.

2. Find out how many people have owned the car:

Cars respond well to a single driver. If a car has been used by too many people, there might be issues with the clutch, brakes, steering wheel and gear box. Avoid cars that have had more than 2 previous owners.

3. Check the vehicle’s service record:

A responsible owner gets their car serviced only at authorized service centers. Be sure to ask for and verify the service record. Also check the service interval; a car must be serviced every 4 to 6 months for smooth performance.

4. Take the car out for a spin:

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. Test-drive the car for at least 3 kilometers, on good and bad roads. You’ll know how everything responds - the gear box, the brakes, the wheels, steering, clutch and so on.

5. Negotiate intelligently:

Don’t let the seller know you are happy with the car. Evaluate all the documents – vehicle, service and ownership. Determine a suitable price along with your friend and propose it to the seller. If the seller doesn’t agree, prepare to walk out. Use your car evaluation notes to let the seller understand you know what you’re talking about. Be detached and do not hurry the sale.
It’s a good idea to check out a number of used cars before you decide to buy one. Do some research on the internet as well it’s a good idea to check out what prices are being offered online for used cars. Do your homework before you start evaluating used cars, and you’ll find the whole process easier and simpler.

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