6 Best Tips to Sell Your Car Quickly Without Hassle

Best tips to sell your car quickly

Selling your used car in Mumbai? We know - selling anything is dicey and uncertain. It can be stressful, putting out the word, checking out buyers, never being sure of exactly how much your car is worth. We really, truly understand. That's why we want to help you with some seasoned tips on how to sell your used car in Mumbai quickly and painlessly.

1. Get Your Car Professionally Valuated

As its owner, you want your car to go for a good amount. We don't blame you there. The thing is, your prospective buyer might not see things your way. The best way to know what your used is worth is to get your car valuated by a professional. You may have to pay a fee, but it's worth it. Show the valuation report to prospective buyers and you're done!

2. Get The Car Ready For Sale

Be sure to give your car a last and thorough service and refurbish what you can. Give your car a darned good wash, vacuum and polish. Also make sure the spare tire is intact in the boot, and the car's tools are present as well. All this is aesthetics, we know, but it's easier to sell a good-looking product than a bad-looking one.

3. Keep The Paperwork Ready

You want to keep the following documents on hand for quick reference:
- Your car's purchase documents
- Your RC card
- Your car's insurance papers (fully-paid up)
- If your car is used, then a list of previous owners

4. Take Some Good Pictures

If you plan on selling your car online, take a number of pictures of your car and post them on different sites. You can also post them on your FaceBook and Twitter accounts (and other social media accounts). Paid sites like eBay are also a good idea.

5. Be Prepared For Some Ridiculous Offers

They'll always be some smart ones out there who think they can con you for good money. They'll look your car through and tell you just how bad it is. Then they'll offer you perhaps half of what you think the car's worth. Listen to them, but don't get taken in. You will have to listen to these offers before you get the good ones.

6. Contact Good Local Dealers

Used car dealers in Mumbai are always looking to add to their used car inventory. Look them up online and check out how good they are. It helps to read reviews on them and also to speak to someone who's used their services.

Here's where we come in. VistaCars is a highly-reputed used car buyer in Mumbai. We enjoy the sound financial backing of our parent company, the Excell Group. We can come over to your place for a free car valuation and offer you full and complete payment within 30 minutes, if you want. No hassles, no needless followup, no ridiculous offers. Just a plain, honest transaction. Between you and us. Call us today.

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