8 Best Must Have Car Accessories for Rainy Season

Top Must have car accessories for rainy season

Your car is surely a dream come true possession and requires complete attention all around the year. But every year monsoon season brings heavy rainfall, flood, water logging, and this causes heavy traffic jams. The rains badly affect the exterior as well as the interior of your car. Dirt, water drops, slush get easily stuck with the parts of the car and thus create electrical and rust issues.

By some must-have car accessories in monsoon season will help you to make your car driving trouble-free and smooth. Also, by following some important and recommended car care tips you can look after your vehicle properly.

Here is the list of some must-have car accessories in monsoon season:

Vacuum Cleaner and Air Compressor

These are the two most convenient and must have car accessories in monsoon season. In rainy season water gets into the cabin area and damages the mats. Also, the dirt gets accumulated inside. Hence, it is necessary to vacuum the car regularly because it will remove the foul and unpleasant smell. In the monsoon season, tyres tend to lose air pressure quite frequent, so having an air compressor is a savior in this season.

Floor Mats

During rains, floor mats often get dirty and easily damaged. It is always preferable to have rubber mats instead of floor mats. In floor mats, water accumulates and makes it slippery. So, having a good quality mat is a necessity in this season to avoid any difficulty in driving.

Perfumes or Air Fresheners

The aroma of a good quality perfume creates a pleasant atmosphere inside your car. Though it is used throughout the year having an air freshener becomes mandatory in monsoon. Also, ensure that your car is properly ventilated to allow fresh air to enter. Open the windows frequently to prevent fungus development due to a wet surface.

Tool Kits

One of the most important accessories you need to carry in your car is a tool and emergency kits. Some of the necessary tools are spares, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. During rainy season chances of break down increases and carrying the tool kit will help you to get out from a problematic situation. The emergency kit consists of some essential items such as jumpers, emergency lights, tow cable, tyres inflator and many more.

Wiper Blades

It is imperative to check the functioning of the wiper blades before the monsoon arrives. In case if you detect any issue getting a good quality pair of blades is the right decision. Wiper blades become hard and covered with dust with time. Hence, poor visibility makes it difficult for the driver to see the outside view. Proper maintained wipers and washer eliminate poor visibility in the rains.

Pedal Covers

Generally, car owners ignore the foot pedals which are also an essential part to mitigate the effect of monsoon. If you find any malfunctioning or wear and tear in the cover, replace it as soon as possible. When you are driving with wet footwear, the foot pedals tends to slip and you may lose the control.

Mud Flaps

In the rainy season, muds and water drops start to stick on the body of the car. Driving the car in spraying muddy water is quite difficult and dangerous as well. Mud flaps become mandatory when it comes to the rainy season. It is not merely an accessory rather a necessary part of your car to help you drive efficiently during rain.

Window Visors

It is another helpful accessory that prevents mist formation. Window visors provide shades and also stop wind entering into the cabin area. Using the window visors the rain will not enter the cabin and you can open the windows without any hassle.

Final Thoughts

So, by following some important car care tips and having these accessories in your car is always a smart decision. We hope that the above comprehensive list of must-have car accessories in monsoon season will make you enjoy safe and comfortable drive.

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