How to clean your car to prevent risk of Coronavirus

Tips to Clean Your Car to Prevent Risk of Coronavirus

Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is as real as it gets and steps need to be taken to exercise caution and reduce the spread of infection during these times. It is advised to reduce travel, social gatherings and follow social distancing for the next few days to minimise the risk of contracting the virus. Our car carry dust, germs, bacteria. So it’s important to clean your car to protect you and your family’s health.

Below are some important tips that will help you to make informed decision on how to sanitize your car to reduce spread of the virus.

Vacuum Car Regularly

Vacuum the car on regular basis to minimize infection because your car attracts lots of dust. Clean your seats with soapy water. Clean the carpets, floor mats, pedals, levers and more.

Clean High Touch Surfaces

Clean the high touch surfaces with an interior cleaner. Clean the door and center console armrests, display screens, cupholders, cubbyholes, air conditioner vents, knob, switches button etc. You touch these surfaces more than you think and these are the hot spots for germs including coronavirus. Spend extra time on cleaning the steering wheel as it can have four times germs found on toilet seat. Use disinfecting wipes clean all the surfaces on the steering wheel.

Clean HVAC Unit

The HVAC unit circulates air in the cabin and can carry a number of infections and viruses. So it is necessary to deep clean the whole system right down to the air filter. Remove and clean the cabin filter and spray it with a disinfectant before putting it back. It is important to clean HVAC unit to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through it.

Clean toys and gadgets

If children’s travelling in the car, do get any toys in the car cleaned. Stuff toys are easy to clean with detergent while hard plastics can be disinfected by adding some bleach and detergent in a bucket of water. Clean the surfaces which often come in contact with children in car like back of the seats. If you use child seat for an infant, remove it and clean it properly, then install it again.

Keep Sanitisers, Wet Wipes, Masks

It is good idea to make a small kit to keep sanitisers, wet wipes and mask. The wet wipes will help in cleaning the high touch surfaces in car. This will help in keeping the car clean as much as possible to minimise infections.

Apart from these tips, also clean your hand properly, avoid touching your face, follow social distancing and avoid mass gathering to protect yourself from COVID-19 and most importantly stay calm.

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