Pre-Monsoon Car Care Tips: How to Prepare Your Car Before Rainy Season

Pre-Monsoon Tips: Tips to prepare your car before rainy season

Your car is obviously one of the costliest investments that you have made from your hard-earned money. Even a single scratch on it makes you upset. So, you always want to take utmost care of your car throughout the year. But monsoon season brings lots of challenges for every car owner because it needs extra care during these days. Hence, you need to be completely prepared with all the pre-monsoon car care tips to combat the effect of the rainy season on your car. By following some simple and useful car care tips in monsoon you can completely avoid any inconveniences in driving during the rainy season.

It is the responsibility of a car owner to carefully inspect every major and minor part before start driving in the monsoon. The preventive measure should be taken in order for the safety of both the driver and the surrounding peoples. Some of the prominent reasons for which extra care is needed to your vehicle are slippery road surface, water logging, sticking of water or mud in the car’s body causes corrosion, braking ineffectiveness etc.

Just have a look at the important parts of cars that need special attention and care in the monsoon.

Few Pre-monsoon car care tips to take care of your car’s parts during rains.

Car Engine

As we all know the engine is one of the major parts of a car or other vehicle. So, car engine protection is your first and foremost responsibility during monsoon. But taking care of it in rains is somehow tough and tedious. You should never start the vehicle, in case if you get stuck in the water and deep enough to enter the tailpipe. Doing so, there are the chances that the water will enter through the tailpipe to the engine. This will cause damage to the engine of your car and consequently malfunctioning of the system. To protect your car engine in this situation, you can manually push the car out of water.


Another important part that needs preparation for the merciless monsoon is the tyres. It is always better to have a set of tyres with a good amount of thread in them. The traction of the roads is heavily compromised in the rainy season and becomes worse due to the mixing of water and other vehicular fluids. The thread of the tyres performs a very important role by channeling the mixture away from the contact surface and improves the grip. Make sure to check the tyres tread depth, tyres inflation not only for safe driving but also for a good tyres life.

Wiper and Washers

These are the two best companions of your car in the monsoon season. The rubber lining of wiper blades has a tendency to wear off very quickly. Therefore, you should check the functioning of the wipers at all speed. Make sure to check or change the wiper blades before the rainy season begins. Also, do not forget to add a small quantity of detergent in the wiper washer fluid to keep the windshield clean.


Brakes need an equal amount of care that other parts need in the monsoon. It is a vital part of a car and its proper functioning is a must, irrespective of the season. Before taking out your car in the rain, make sure to clean and check brake pads. You should replace them if needed. Check the brake fluid level, top up a level if needed. Carefully monitor the brake lines for proper lubrication to ensure that there is no air/water ingress.

Interior and Exterior

The paint of your car is adversely affected by the rainwater. Do not let water drops, muds, or dirt to stay on your car. Using wax polish will help to form a thin and protective layer on your car’s paint. Along with protecting the paint, it will also roll off the water drops easily. It is also necessary to grease all the door hinges. You can use anti-corrosion spray on the exposed metal areas.

Sometimes, water flows in the cabin area and likely to damage the carpets and flooring. Hence, it is always better to use fabric mats instead of rubber mats in this season. Regular clean your car using a vacuum cleaner to keep away foul odor. Keep the windows opens so that there is no growth of fungus inside.

Final Words

Hoping that the above-mentioned pre-monsoon car care tips guide you well to make your car ready to run smoothly and flawless in this season.

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