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Maruti Suzuki Celerio X Vs Maruti Celerio Comparison

Celerio was manufactured with an intention to beat the tough competition in Indian market posed by Indica Vista of Tata motors; Brio and i10 by Hundai; beat by Chevrolet and Figo by Ford. It was introduced as a replacement to Zen Estilo and the A-Star both manufactured by Maruti Suzuki in India. Its production started in the year 2014 and is still continuing. Did you know that celerio is first Indian car that brought with it a concept of auto gear-shifting, hyped as EZ (stands for easy) drive? There is no clutch pedal literally, in this automatic car. It might feel weird for the many habituated drivers. The company is closer to Indian hearts as they prefer to go for Maruti rather than other rivals brands. The famous car manufacturer has its head quartered in the national capital. There will be many reasons for the passion for Maruti cars, but the purpose always zeroes into the availability of a feature rich car in budget as compared to the competitors. The company recently launched its new version, the celerioX. It was introduced to the public in October this year. The core powertrain is kept unaltered with few changes in the exterior and interior look and feel.


Maruti CelerioX has a refreshed-appearance in its both exteriors and interiors. It is available in a darker theme with housing of fog–lamp finished in a glossy black colour. Same applies for the alloy wheels too. The bottom portion of the rear bumper is given a darker silver shade with a light silver cladding beneath the portion that holds the number plate in place. Unlike the old Celerio, the celerioX car interiors are full black with certain portions of seats and the upholstery projecting the bright-orange shades. In essence the appearance is bit bolder than the regular Celerio 2014 model. The main highlight is the striking X graphics and the enhanced design of front grille.


One of the celerio x features is its infotainment remake. Unlike traditional stereos appearing with whole-lot-of switches and controls for audio, celerio-x has a touchscreen display unit from which all the systems can be controlled by simple means through your fingertips. This makes it more compact and neat in appearance with the controls easily visible even in dark conditions with lights inside turned off.


Measurements have mostly been kept similar with newer version being 95 millimetres longer than the older one. Hence the vehicle is 3695 milometers long, 1560 millimetres high, 1600 millimetres wide.


Maruti CelerioX price starts from 4.57 lakhs with the high end model available at 5.43 lakhs (an Ex-showroom value in south-Delhi). If you plan to buy celerio x in Mumbai , you will have to shell out a minimum of 4.67 lakhs. The lower price range still remains unaltered if you wish to buy celerio x in Pune.


Celerio x is safer now as compared to its elder counterpart. A lot of emphasis has been put on to strengthen the body to absorb impacts and keep the occupants safe. It also meets all the on road safety regulations specially those of pedestrians, able to withstand side impacts and houses the standard safety measures including airbags for driver seat. ABS and front passenger air bags have been put as optional perhaps may be driven by cost cutting factor.


Celerio x specifications has hardly been altered as compared to earlier version. It has a K-next three cylindered petrol engine, offering a mileage of 23.1 kmpl coupled with a fuel tank capacity of 35 litres in essence keeping you running for a distance of about 800 km with full tank. All this rich features are awaiting you, why think? Rush today for the much awaited celerio x test drive.

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