Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG technology cars: A Complete Guide

Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG technology cars: A Complete Guide

Maruti Suzuki has been a leading company in the automobile sector for decades. And it is undoubtedly one of the greatest manufacturers of automobiles in India. Consequently, the company enjoys a big portion of the market share and stays in demand all the time.

The covid 19 pandemics has already wreaked havoc on the middle-class section of society. In addition to that, the three digits figures of the fuel prices have made the situation even worse. Though electronic vehicles seem to be hitting the market, the high rates accompanied by a poor charging network in India don’t make them the best choice. As a result, CNG seems to be the only alternate option left for the people.

Maruti Suzuki is the first OEM in India that has introduced factory-fitted CNG technology in vehicles. Before we move forward, let's understand the S-CNG technology of Maruti Suzuki.

The S-CNG vehicles have been designed with an intelligent injection system and have managed to set a new benchmark in green fuel mobility. In the Maruti Suzuki cars, the CNG is integrated by highly certified engineers, and that too directly within the vehicle in the factory. S-CNG vehicles have been tuned and adjusted to deliver high-quality performance, safety, engine durability, comfort, and mileage.

Benefits Of Maruti Suzuki S-CNG Technology

In light of the current circumstances, where the fuel prices are rising at an exorbitant rate and that’s why it’s time to “Go Green”. Factory-fitted CNG vehicles, like Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG cars, are well-engineered, reliable, smooth to drive, and most importantly, an economical option for everyday driving. Let's look at some of the advantages of using the S-CNG Technology Maruti Suzuki:

1. High Performance –

The S-CNG engines are embodied with the Intelligent Fuel Injection System and Electronic Control Unit. The joint working of the frameworks guarantees better execution of the vehicle.

2. Engine Reliability –

The S-CNG innovation has been presented after broad testing and on-street trials. The motor dependability has expanded ideally with the establishment of an exceptionally solid S-CNG framework.

3. Drivability –

Normally, the CNG kit that you get installed at a local vendor or dealer’s shop doesn’t get properly integrated with the engine. Hence, the ideal engine performance can't be ensured with such CNG. Precisely, it’s not smooth and simple to deal with the CNG’s installed locally. But it’s not the case with the S-CNG unit introduced by Maruti Suzuki's exports. All the components related to the engine including power train, suspension, and brakes are adjusted along with the CNG framework in the most efficient manner giving them incredible drivability and mileage at each landscape and city drive.

4. Fuel Efficiency –

The fuel-air ratio plays a major role in vehicles, it should be ideal enough for the engine to perform astoundingly, and to provide good fuel efficiency. The CNG installed at the Maruti Suzuki factory is great at that. Hence, the S-CNG vehicle won't harm your month-to-month financial plan regardless of whether you drive the vehicle every day.

5. Security Factors –

The Maruti Suzuki’s CNG model vehicle is equipped with all the safety features to keep you away from any accidents. You can't expect any cautious and smart plan factors when you introduce CNG locally. The Maruti S-CNG vehicles have extra security measures introduced that will forestall short circuits, the likelihood of fire during filling, and spillage from joints. Even the stainless steel pipes used are tested before installations to ensure the safety of the passengers.


Well, there are plenty of advantages of using the S- CNG technology vehicles over regular ones. But at the same time, they require some maintenance also. So, here we have some points that need to be kept in mind while using S-CNG vehicles:

  • Switch to the Petrol Mode to turn on the ignition always. Also, make sure to start driving in petrol initially and keep your car in the Auto Mode. By doing this you allow your car to switch to the CNG mode on its own, which is a good practice.
  • Secondly, your service maintenance routine is very important to keep your CNG vehicle in a good condition. So, always make sure to follow the Periodic Service Maintenance Schedules of Maruti Suzuki.
  • Also, ensure that a Maruti Suzuki technician is thoroughly trained in the S-CNG technology in servicing your car. In short, get your cars serviced at authorized service centers only.
  • Above all, never ignore the flickering or glowing lights of your CNG malfunctioning lamp. Get your car checked instantly in such cases.
  • Parking your car in covered spots/places can be another good step towards protecting your car.
  • Lastly, ensure you follow all Safety Precautions that have been mentioned in the Owner's Manual of your S-CNG vehicle.

Busting the Common Myths About Maruti’s S-CNG Technology

MYTH 1: CNG vehicles are extremely sluggish to drive

The modern CNG-integrated vehicles, particularly the ones that are factory fitted, for example, the S-CNG vehicles from Maruti Suzuki, use double reliant ECUs with an Intelligent Injection System that guarantees smooth pickup and drivability.

MYTH 2: CNG vehicles probably won't be protected

This is just valid for retro-fitted CNG vehicles, where a local engineer carries out the fitment who may alter the electrical arrangement of your vehicle. However the case is different for the factory-fitted S-CNG vehicles, the entire integration process is performed by qualified designers on a sequential system. A wiring harness is incorporated which limits the danger of shortcircuits. Also, the entire kit comes with a well-designed leakproof plan and treated steel lines and joints which forestall spillage and guarantee total security.

MYTH 3: CNG impacts the life span of the engine

There is no specific reason to prove that a CNG model can’t last as long as diesel or petrol-powered cars. The factory-fitted S-CNG cars, for instance, utilize extraordinarily designed valve seats and mounting parts in the chamber heads to guarantee the life span of the engine.

While this kind of confusion arises essentially because of retro-fitted CNG units, these issues aren’t there with the factory-fitted CNG vehicles. Precisely, the factory-fitted Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG vehicles have incredible performance, are more secure, and have altogether lower running expenses. Also, the plus point is that these CNG models have great mileage.

Currently, the Maruti S-CNG technology is available with the following:

All of these Maruti cars also enjoy the benefit of Safety, Performance, and Savings with a factory-fitted S-CNG kit.

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