Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Vs Hyundai Verna Comparison

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Vs Hyundai Verna Comparison

If you compare the net profits and turn around in the last five years, Maruti Suzuki has transformed itself from being a car seller of the mid-range section to one of the best sellers in the Indian market. The Ciaz is the midsize sedan sold by the Nexa dealers rather than Maruti.

When we talk about Verna it is the popular product of the Hyundai, it’s not a pushover. The Verna gives a good challenge to the Ciaz and here in this article, we will compare both the version.

Exteriors Maruti Ciaz Vs Hyundai Verna

Maruti did an upgrade of Ciaz in late 2018 with features like a new bumper in the front end, new headlamps and a prominent grille. The car looks fantastic and very classy. The Ciaz is slightly longer than Verna as its sub-segment is somewhat longer. If you a fan of the longer body you might prefer Maruti Suzuki Ciaz.

The Hyundai Verna has a fluidic design with the grille at the upfront and sharp headlights. The short look gives a sports car to look like feeling.

Both the versions of cars had their facelifts, of course, there are some differences. The Ciaz is little more restraint while Hyundai Verna offers a new grille. The grille of the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz facelift and front bumper gives a good look. Both the cars have LED daytime running lights while the Ciaz has all-LED setup but Hyundai Verna has a standard fluorescent yellow bulb.

Overall the exteriors are quite similar except for the slight dissimilarity in overall sizes.

Interiors Maruti Ciaz Vs Hyundai Verna

The difference in interiors is the sporty slight slung front seats of Hyundai Verna while better under-thigh support of Maruti Suzuki Ciaz . The choice is for the buyers which one they like as an interior seat

The cabin of the Ciaz is bright while the Hyundai Verna offers plenty of kit in its dashboard. The sunroof in the Hyundai Verna is definitely an astonishing feature over Ciaz.

The Ciaz’s best feature in the interior is its rear seats. You get plenty of space to spread your knee and it makes feel the car bigger. While Verna has a limited leg space and a slightly low roofline will cause some discomfort for the person greater than the 6 feet height.

The gearbox, engine comparison Maruti Ciaz Vs Hyundai Verna

One the display and cars feature list Verna seems to have an advantage as it offers a 1.6-litre petrol engine with 124 bhp while the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz offers 1.5-litre petrol engine with 104 bhp.

On road, the Ciaz has better stability on the badly patched roads. Damping is excellent in Ciaz and it makes your journey quite comfortable. The Ciaz also has better tyres making the journey comfortable on road. The Verna has sharp steering; the grip of the tyres is also good.

Fuel Economy Maruti Ciaz Vs Hyundai Verna

The Ciaz does have a slight advantage when it comes to fuel economy. This happens because the Maruti version gets the SHVS or mild hybrid setups with dual lithium-ion batteries. These batteries help in automatic start-stop the system whenever necessary. This no wonder helps to manage the fuel costs. The petrol gearbox gives the mileage of 21.56 kmpl while the Hyundai Verna gives 19.1 for 1.4-litre petrol manual and 17.6 for 1.6-litre petrol manual whereas the Ciaz automatic also has a better fuel average of 20.28 kmpl.

Comfort and Handling

Both the cars are tuned for good comfort and handling dynamics. While the Verna offers a little better spring and better comfort, the Ciaz has better handling of the two.

Safety Comparison

The airbags and ABS are mandatory now as per the compliance. No wonder both cars have the same features while all variants get ABS, ISOFIX and airbags. The top spec of Verna gets 6 airbags option while Ciaz automatic gets the switchable traction system which is eye catchy.

Price Comparison

While Verna starts with slightly lower cost, but also end with the slight expensive variant. The Ciaz variant is between 8.19 lakh- 9.97 lakh. While the Verna variants range between 7.99-11.51 lakhs.

The Verdict

To wrap up the question, which one should you buy? Both the cars have similar features while the prices of Verna seem attractive; the Ciaz has better features around a small section of the process. It is up to the buyer on which variant you should buy. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift has hit the park with astonishing features while Verna is also a popular car of Hyundai.

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