New Maruti Wagon R 2019 AGS Vs Hyundai Santro AMT Comparison

Maruti Wagon R AGS Vs Hyundai Santro AMT Comparision

In an effort to surpass the competition in the realm of cars, car manufacturing companies always keeps on adding new features to the cars and present better variants. Similar is the case with Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai, which is generally known to manufacture car for folks with budget constraints. Maruti Suzuki recently gave tough fight to competing cars within the price slot of Wagon R by presenting Wagon R AGS. Hyundai Santro AMT falls under the slot and if you are thinking to pick any of the two, we bring you comparison between Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 2019 Vs Hyundai Santro. It will help you to buy the best pick from any of the renowned car dealers in Mumbai.

• Variants

Maruti Suzuki presents the AGS automatic gearbox in three distinct variants, i.e. the 1.0 VXI, 1.2 VXI and 1.2 ZXI. Hyundai Santro is not available in top end variants. The AMT Santro is the only option between Magna and Sportz. This gives the Maruti WagonR a clear edge over Hyundai.

• Extra edge

Wagon R enjoys biggest edge over Santro in terms of its 1.2 –Litre motor indicating 10 % more capacity than Santro motor with almost 14% additional torque and 20% extra power. Also, Wagon R engine offer better fuel economy than the later one. Engine with the capacity of 1.2 offers 22.5 Kmpl in comparison to Santro that offers 20.3 Kmpl with 1.1 motor.

• Dimensions

Let us have a tabular comparison of the two types of cars with respect to their dimensions.

Wagon R Hyundai Santro
Length 3655 mm 3610 mm
Height 1675 mm 1560 mm
Width 1620 mm 1645 mm
Wheelbase 2435 mm 2400 mm
Boot Space 341 Litres 235 Litres

• Engine

Buyers looking to go with Wagon R, now have an option of two petrol engines with 1.2 Litre unit, Whereas Hyundai variants are still available at 1.1 litres engine. As regard as fuel efficiency is concerned, both engines of Wagon R have gained better ranking than those of Santro. Have a look at the table below for more information about the two cars:

Wagon R Hyundai Santro
Engine 1.0-litre,3-cyl/1.2-litre,4-cyl 1.1- litre,4-cyl
Torque 90Nm/113Nm 99Nm
Power 68PS/83PS 69PS
Fuel Economy 22.5kmpl/21.5kmpl 20.03kmpl

• Price range of variants

The Wagon R AGS begins from Rs 5.16 Lakh just like the price range of the Santro AMT. However, this new generation of Wagon R is equipped with a smaller engine that generates less torque. The top version of Wagon R AGS is approximately Rs 25,000 more expensive than the top spec Santro AMT, due to its higher engine capacity.

• Variants and Prices

2019 Maruti Wagon R Hyundai Santro
1.0 LXi:Rs 4.19 lakh/LXI(O) RS 4.26 lakh D-lite:RS 3.9 lakh
1.0 VXi:Rs 4.69 lakh/VXI(O) RS 4.75 lakh Era:RS 4.25 lakh
1.2 VXi:Rs 4.89 lakh/1.2 VXI(O) RS 4.96 lakh Magna:RS 4.58 lakh
1.0 VXi AMT:Rs 5.16 lakh/1.0 VXI AMT(O) RS 5.23 lakh(o) Sportz:RS 5 lakh
1.2 ZXi Rs 5.22 lakh Magna AMT:RS 5.19 lakh
1.2 VXi AMT:Rs 5.36 lakh/1.2 VXi AMT(O)RS 5.43 lakh Asta:RS 5.46lakh
ZXi AGS:Rs 5.69 lakh Sportz AMT:RS 5.47 lakh

• Looks and Styling

It earlier didn’t have a smart look likeable by folks of all age especially the youth. But this new look of Wagon R AMT is more like a fully grown design that makes it a handsome car. Its elegant front bumper, dual-split headlamps, floating C-pillars with elongated tall lights gives perfect and captivating looks to the new version of Wagon R. On the other hand, the gapping grille, pathetically shaped headlights, moulded bumper, curved tailgate gives strange look to the car which are actually not appreciated by anyone. Also Wagon R is 35 mm longer, 115 mm taller and 25 mm wider than Santro giving not only big look but more interior space too.

Santro offers 235 Litre boot space in comparison to Wagon R that stores 341 Litre boot space.

• Interior and Features

The new version of Wagon R offers more interior space in comparison to older model. It is equipped with dual dash with big infotainment screen, adjustable steering, all four power windows, remote keyless entry, rear defogger, Smart play studio infotainment system, electric ORVMs, passengers air bag for safety and seat height adjustment. Santro on the other hand, comes with some similar features like reverse camera, reverse parking keyless entry, power windows etc but misses steering and seat height adjusting features. It has quite impressive in class room knee space at back row with AC vents.

• Summary

Despite new and quite useful features, Maruti Suzuki has still maintained to keep the price economical within the reach of middle class section. This is best pick for those looking for car with good performance car with nominal premium for 1.2 ZXI.

At last, it is utlimately your preference to buy the ideal pick from any of the Maruti Suzuki showrooms in Pune or Mumbai.

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