Which Car is the Best? – Maruti Suzuki or Hyundai

Maruti Suzuki Cars Vs Hyundai Cars

It's an honest question. Which car manufacturer do you prefer and why? Hyundai or Maruti?

All right, we understand. You need a little help in making up your mind on this question. And we can help. Check this out.

Maruti Suzuki (All Indian, 100% Desi)

Way back in 1981, India saw the birth of its great pride and joy, Maruti Suzuki. People marveled at the first Maruti Omni and Maruti 800 rolling on the streets, where they had only glimpsed the dodgy old Hindustan Ambassador and Premier Padmini cars before.
• Largest car manufacturer
• Domestic car market share close to 40%.
• 14 car models that come in more than 200 variants
Production capability: 1.55 million units every year, from 5 large plants in Haryana (Gurgaon and Manesar areas).

HYUNDAI (Comes to us from South Korea)

Hyundai Motors comes to us from South Korea in 1996. By then, Maruti Suzuki was reigning monopoly over the passenger car segment. However, this almost unknown brand made a name for itself quickly. Hyundai's Santro was a runaway hit and was the start of HMIL's career in India.
• Second largest automobile manufacturer in India
• Largest automobile exporter in India
• Domestic car market share close to 20%

Manufacture range

• 10 passenger vehicle models (only petrol variants): i10, Eon, Xcent, Grand i10, Elite i20, Verna Fludic 4S, Active i20, Neo Elantra, Creta and Santa Fe
Production capability: 2 plants in India, each producing 300,000 units per annum

Range Of Services

Maruti Suzuki

• Dealerships: 950 in 666 locations across India
• Authorized Maruti and franchised service stations and dealer workshops: 3,060 in 1,454 locations across India
• Maruti Highway Express Service Stations: 30, each located on a National Highway passing through 1,436 cities. Service center personnel are trained by Maruti and deployed across India. Service is provided to all stranded Maruti vehicles, irrespective of warranty status.
• Maruti car insurance: Maruti's own wide-ranging car insurance products backed by National Insurance Company, Bajaj Allianz, New India Assurance and Royal Sundaram. Maruti welcomes Non-Maruti car insurance owners to renew their insurance renewed from Maruti Suzuki as well.
• Maruti car finance: Maruti is tied up with more than 37 banks and financial institutions, to provide exclusive car finance assistance to Maruti car buyers.
• Maruti TrueValue: Maruti car owners can buy, sell or exchange their used Maruti Suzuki vehicles at great deals.
• Maruti accessories: Genuine Maruti accessories compatible with every make and model of Maruti cars in the market are available at every Maruti dealer, workshop and service center across India.
• Maruti Driving School: Students are training using simulators, along with theory sessions, before actual driving lessons are given. Maruti Suzuki driving schools also teach proper road behavior, attitudes and the correct handling of road-rage drivers.


• Dealerships: 415 authorized dealers across India
• Service centers: 1100 service centers across India
• Hyundai car insurance: Hyundai offers only third-party car insurance from insurance companies.
• Hyundai car finance: Hyundai assists its buyers to avail of third-party car finance assistance from different banks
• Hyundai roadside assistance: 24/7 complimentary road-side assistance to Hyundai cars within warranty.

Accessibility of Service Centers And Parts

Maruti Suzuki

• There's a Maruti Suzuki service center or workshop in every city or town.
• Genuine Maruti car accessories are manufactured indigenously and are easily and quickly available at any Maruti showroom , workshop or service center.
• Maruti manufactures both petrol and diesel variants, which allows buyers to purchase the variant they can maintain comfortably. Hyundai
• Cost of spares and accessories is high, as many of them are still being manufactured in South Korea.
• Car maintenance is a problem with Hyundai, as they manufacture only petrol variants. Buyers who convert their petrol vehicles to diesel variants find it that the car's value goes down.

Generic Comparison Points

• Maruti Suzuki cars enjoy higher resale retail value, when compared to Hyundai cars
• Maruti Suzuki vehicles are low maintenance, given easy parts accessibility and availability of both diesel and petrol variants
• Maruti Suzuki employs high-grade fuel efficient technology in its vehicles; this feature is not available in Hyundai's manufacturing process

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