8 Steps To Get The Best Value For Your Used Car

Steps to get best value on your used car

So how do you want to go about it? Do you want to try the do-it-yourself approach, or do you want to trust professional used car dealers in Mumbai? We leave it to you. However, given that we've been in this business for a long time, we've got some valuable tips for you.
Follow these tips and you're guaranteed to get the very best value for your used car in Mumbai.

1. Be Practical About The Price

Whether you arrive at your price via a professional valuation or by guessing, be sure to be realistic. Best thing is to ask around, or use car valuation sites or even to arrive at a realistic price. Don't overprice your car - you might push away some real used car buyers in Mumbai.

2. Fix What You Can

Bit of a problem with one of the headlights? Just get it fixed. The thing is, your car may have only small issues, but if you don't get them fixed, you're sending out the wrong message. The message is, 'I don't care about my car at all. I just want to sell my car to the dumbest fool out there.'

3. Check That All The Important Things Are In Place

What's really important to the traffic cops? Working lights - both the warning and brake lights. Check. NO cracks in the windshield. Check. Rearview mirrors in sparkling condition. Check. Horn sounds fine. Check.

4. Make Sure To Mention Critical Info

If you're putting an Ad out, be sure to mention all the critical info. You want your buyer to know things like:
• Total mileage driven
• Number of previous owners
• Year of manufacture
• Number of services undergone

5. Honesty Is Your Best Option Now

Your car's carburetor has seen better days and needs replacing in a few months? Don't hide this fact from your used car buyers. Be honest. Your price may go down a bit but your honesty will make a good impression. Remember, your car's value depends on its condition.

6. Some Great Visual Impact

You want a frontal shot, a rear shot, side shots and one with the doors open. People need visual enticement. Pictures of a good-looking car in good condition will bring you more inquiries and an overall better value. Be sure to give your car a complete wash before you take the pictures.

7. Keep The Release Doc Ready

Obtain a car liability release doc from the RTO in preparation to transfer the car's title quickly. This is a good way to impress buyers. Also type out a bill of sale and get the new owners to sign it in order to prevent future issues with traffic police.

8. Be Hospitable

Never discount the power of a kind word and a smile. Keep your car clean, wear good clothes and be presentable. Smile a lot and treat your used car purchaser in Mumbai with kindness. If they like you, they'll like your car as well.

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