Important Reasons to Buy Used Cars

important reasons to buy a used cars

The auto companies started focusing on premium cars, prices are making difficult to buy a dream car for the common men. The main reason to buy a used car is the life span of new cars is going down despite the steady rise in price. Thanks to car manufacturers for launching premium cars, sooner you will see these cars in used car market. It will be easy for you to buy a good car with less price.

Now let us see why you should buy a used car instead of new one

Save money and even can upgrade your segment

When you purchase a new car its price decreases from 8-10% as it enters used car category. Purchasing a used car can save lots of money (depending on manufacturing year and kilometers done).

Now let us take an example of

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R LXI Mumbai costing Rs. 4,31,967 (Ex-Showroom) + Rs. 16,906 (Insurance) + Rs. 39,427(Registration) + Rs. 1,815 (Other Charges) Rs. 4,90,175
Now consider depreciation, suppose you are looking for a car which is 1 year old and roughly driven 12,000 km. It will be yours at Rs. 3,95,000 if you take it from a dealer and from individual you will get it at Rs. 3,65,000 (first owner). Now, you can clearly see the difference that how much you can save by buying a used car.

If you are looking for a higher segment car with lots of features in the same budget of Rs. 4,15,000 like Maruti Swift Dzire. You will get this car but it may be more than 1 year old and also driven more than 30,000 km.

Drive car tension free

The primary benefit of used car is that you can drive it tension free without the jitters of getting a first scratch or dent. You can drive your used car for a long journey as soon as you buy it. Generally the new car owner avoids driving a new car for longer trips before the first service or inspection.

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Get certified used car with warranty without cheating           

Yes, you heard it right, Autovista sell certified cars with warranty. Don’t rely on verbal assurance of a cunning car individual, salesman or dealer regarding the used car is perfectly fine. Just go online and check the details of certified car. The cars are checked by our used car experts so that you can make your purchase without any trouble.  Not only you get perfect details of used car, but also you get a warranty on a car which is a plus point for you. Because of all these facilities you can ensure that the used car you bought runs like a new one.

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Lose less money due to slower depreciation

We know that every car face depreciation. Compared to new car, used car have a slower depreciation. Now let us see how: Depreciation of the new car is maximum during the first 3 years of purchase. You will purchase a car which has already gone under major price depreciation.

New Maruti Wagon R Used Maruti Wagon R Depre-
ciation Value
Rs. 4,90,175 Rs. 3,95,000  
( 4,90,175 – 95,175 (Depreciation)) = 3,95,000 ( 3,95,000 – 45,000 (Depreciation)) = 3,50,000 After 1 year
(3,95,000  – 68,000 (Depreciation)) = 3,27,000 (3,50,000  – 50,000 (Depreciation)) = 3,00,000 After 3 years

The above example clearly shows that how you can save money by buying a used car.

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Cheaper Insurance of used car

Let us take example of new wagon r, it cost Rs. 4,90,175 (on-road price Mumbai) including Rs. 58,148  which contain insurance of Rs. 16,906. If the same car you buy after 1 year with a 12,000 km run, you will save nearly Rs. 6,000 on it. The insurance will be nearly Rs. 11,000 on used wagon r. If you are lucky will get used car covered under insurance for a considerable amount of time. For such condition you can transfer your name to that additional insurance.

So after a large number of benefits you are getting on a used car, definitely you would like to buy used car. Even if you want to sell your used car will not dent your wallet than that of the new car would do. So if you are really looking for a good car with less price, used car will be the best option.

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