Top Car Care Tips In Monsoon Season - How to Protect Car in Rainy Season?

Tips to protect car in rainy season.

A car is one of the biggest assets that you have always dreamt of. It needs extra care especially during monsoon to keep the functionality perfect. Rainy season brings multiple inconveniences regarding car maintenance. Many automobile industries share car care guide in monsoon to help the owners in taking proper care of their beloved possession. You must take complete care of the car in this season or else different types of problems can occur. Car maintenance in rainy season is not a tough job and does not take much time. You just have to look after your car frequently to keep the updates about the conditions of every single part.

During the monsoon, mirror glasses and the windows are mostly affected. Hence you have to take extra care of these parts. Check the condition of every major or minor machine’s function once in a week to avoid the disturbance during driving. In rainy season excess water flow can damage inside machinery, which generally the owners cannot notice initially. The problems pop-up one after another when you start the car.

New owners tend to get confused about how to take care of their car in the rainy seasons. There are countless Tips for car care in monsoon that is available online, along with all the required guidelines. Select any reputed automobile industry’s website link and read all the mentioned points to take care of your vehicle perfectly.

Some of the car care tips in rainy season are shared in the article. The tips will assist owners and drivers in maintaining the car’s condition absolutely perfect in monsoon. Therefore have a glimpse on the below-mentioned checkpoints to keep your car in its peak performing condition.

Check the side mirror glasses and windshields

Mirror glasses play the most important role during driving. In monsoon when heavy raining starts, the views become blurred which leads to confusion as the observing power of the drivers is compromised. You should make your driving safe by following some general tips such as:

• Keep a clean piece of cloth in your car, which soaks the water instantly and perfectly. It is better to take two to three pieces of large clothes for emergency requirements.
• Whenever you get a little time, clean the mirrors using the clothes. Do not try to do this while driving, as it can cause trouble.
• Try to fix the mirror glass in an angle against the rain flow. You can set the side mirror glasses opposite to the heavy raining direction, to avoid direct contact with the raindrops.
• Use glass cleaning substances like liquid cleaners for wiping the windows and mirrors. During monsoon, water drops affect the mirrors and the window, leaving watery marks all over the glasses. It makes the view hazy. So, cleaning of the glasses is required frequently.
• Clearing the car’s lights is also important. You can also clean the Headlights and tail lights by following the same tips as the glasses.

Check the functionality of the wipers

Wipers play a crucial role in monsoon undoubtedly. Checking the wiper’s condition before every drive is one of the main car care tips for rainy season. Visit the garage and repair the wiper if it causes any disturbance, or has stopped working. Sometimes due to heavy rains and wind, the connectivity of wiper gets cut automatically. So, each time you must check the wiper’s functionality before the journey.

Must know the condition of the vehicle tires

The roads’ condition turns bad during monsoon, which leads to driving inconveniences. Only the right tires help you in driving safely. Avoid bald tires during monsoon, as the road becomes slippery and increases the chances of mishaps. Worn out tires also take much time to stop the car whenever you push the break. Monsoon car care tips for tires are mentioned briefly here as follows:

• Replace bald tires with new and highly advanced tires according to your car’s weight and size.
• Focus on the tires’ alignment every time before starting the journey. Otherwise, there will be more vibration and driving becomes difficult.
• Check the right pressure of your tires and keep the tires rotating during the monsoon. Accurate pressure and continuous rotation increase tires’ life expectancy.
Therefore, follow the aforementioned and recommended guidelines to make your driving smooth and safe during the rainy season.

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